Fitting of multiple proteins into a density map of their assembly EM density map

K. Lasker,M. Topf, A. Sali and H. Wolfson Journal of Molecular Biology 388,180-194, 2009

MultiFit is a computational method for simultaneously fitting atomic structures of components into their assembly density map at resolutions as low as 25 A.
The component positions and orientations are optimized with respect to a scoring function that includes the quality-of-fit of components in the map, the protrusion of components from the map envelope, as well as the shape complementarity between pairs of components.
The scoring function is optimized by an exact inference optimizer DOMINO that efficiently finds the global minimum in a discrete sampling space.

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Packages are available for RedHat/CentOS 5 and Intel Mac systems (please note we are currently only able to offer binary packages)

RedHat/CentOS 5

32-bit (i386) binary RPM package

64-bit (x86_64) binary RPM package

MultiFit requires the IMP 1.0 RPM package to first be installed, and also the Python probstat RPM package (32-bit; 64-bit; source code)

Intel Mac

OS X 10.4 (Tiger; 32-bit, Python 2.3)

OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard; 64-bit, Python 2.6)

MultiFit requires the corresponding IMP 1.0 Mac package to first be installed.