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Re: Modeller: too many parameters?


My log file from modeller is full of messages like these ones: 

chkder___W> DVX(i) out of bounds:  1742 1742Infinity 
chkder___W> DVX(i) out of bounds:  1743 1743Infinity
chkder___W> DVY(i) out of bounds:  1744 1744Infinity 

The log file grows extremely fast. I stopped the program when the log file
was 182 megabytes big.

With a smaller protein, these warnings do not appear. What could be wrong?
How can I switch off these warnings, possibly not interfering with other


Andras Szilagyi ()
Institute of Enzymology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Karolina ut 29., H-1113 Budapest, HUNGARY
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