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[modeller_usage] Help with Modelface


I recently installed Modelface, and I'm having issues trying to get it set up. It first prompts me to enter the password, followed by the Modeller version and installation path of Modeller. I am able to enter the password and Modeller version (version 9.19), but I can't get the installation path of Modeller correct. I entered the default path which is C:\Program Files\Modeller9.19, but I got a message saying "Modeller executables were not found." I checked to make sure that the Modeller9.19 folder is in Program Files, and it is. The Modeller.exe file is specifically within the x86_64-w64 folder found in C:\Program Files\Modeller9.19\lib\x86_64-w64\mod9.19. I tried typing this in the command prompt, but I got the same "Modeller executables were not found" message.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Daravuth Cheam
Portland State University
Biology Department
The Estes Lab