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[modeller_usage] mail about an error

Dear users

I am beginner of modeller when i do basic homology modeling i got error as follows 

read_te_291E> Sequence difference between alignment and  pdb :
                  x  (mismatch at alignment position      1)
     Match                                                 *
  Alignment residue type   11 (M, MET) does not match pdb
  residue type   17 (T, THR),
  for align code 2ret (atom file 2ret), pdb residue number "30", chain "A"

  Please check your alignment file header to be sure you correctly specified
  the starting and ending residue numbers and chains. The alignment sequence
  must match that from the atom file exactly.

Even i searched the mailing list i got  information but i am not able to understand error . Please is very useful if you point out where i have  committed the mistake
Thanks in advance

with high regards