Hello Everyone, 

The I/H methods meeting is scheduled for 8AM Pacific time tomorrow (Thursday, April 6, 2017). 

Meeting Agenda

1. Overview of the current I/H methods dictionary and documentation. Please follow the links below to access the dictionary and associated documentation on Github. 

Our goal is to gather feedback regarding the I/H methods dictionary.

2. Examples of I/H models from IMP (https://github.com/ihmwg/IHM-dictionary/tree/master/examples)

3. Introduce the modeling dictionary, also available on Github (https://github.com/JuergenHaasSIB/modeling_dictionary). 

4. Open discussion

Participants with confirmed attendance

Ben Webb (UCSF, USA)
Tom Goddard (UCSF, USA)
Kumaran Baskaran (BMRB, USA)
Emad Tajkhorshid (UIUC, USA)
John Westbrook (RCSB PDB, USA)
Brinda Vallat (RCSB PDB, USA)
Margaret Gabanyi (RCSB PDB, USA)
Oliver Smart (PDBe, UK)
Aleksandras Gutmanas (PDBe, UK)
John Berrisford (PDBe, UK)
Juergen Haas (SIB, Switzerland)
Juergen Koefinger (Max Plank Institute, Germany)
Hirofumi Suzuki (PDBj, Japan)
Gert-Jan Bekker (PDBj, Japan)

I apologize if I have missed anyone. Please let me know and I'll add you to the list.

How to join the meeting

Considering that the number of people attending this meeting has increased over the last couple of days, it might be prudent to not use Skype as originally planned. We will use BT (for voice) and Joinme (for screen share) during the meeting. We will not have any video. Please follow the instructions below to connect via BT and Joinme. 

For the BT voice call: 

1. Call the following number based on which country you are calling from: 

US                   18008681123
UK                   08000326469
Germany         08001824096
Japan              0120001425
Switzerland     0800111051

2. Enter the participant code:  37910748#

3. Say your name at the beep. 

For the Joinme screen share: 

4. Go to   http://join.me/rcsbmeeting

Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

Thank you. 

Brinda Vallat

RCSB Protein Data Bank
Center for Integrative Proteomics Research
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
174 Frelinghuysen Rd
Piscataway NJ 08854-8076
Phone: 848-445-4948