Hi Lalith

I'm using mod9v7, and in my case what I do is start several modeler process (one per core) with different random seeds, but with the same inputs. So if I want 100 models and I have 10 cores available I execute the same modeler script 10 times, changing only:

env = environ(rand_seed=-556)
a.starting_model = 21
a.ending_model = 40

Probably it is not a very fancy solution, but it allows me to use a compute cluster to generate lots of models simultaneously.

I hope it helps.

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On 04/19/2013 10:31 AM, Lalith Kumar wrote:


I am running mod9v11 on Intel Xeon with 12 cores processor. I have found that modeller is utilizing only single processor. Even though there are few older posts regarding the execution of modeller processors on multiple processors, I am unable to implement them. Sorry, I am newbie to python.

It will be a great help if you could help me with a script or procedure to set up the running of modeller processes on multiple processors. This will save my lifetime. Please do the needful.

Thank you



Lalith Kumar K
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