Just to be sure about what to do in this case:
If I want to run 2 serial jobs (250 models in each job). To generate the random seed, I need to apply the informations of the script randomize.py into each script of model_single.py, is that right?


Flavio Augusto Vicente Seixas
Laboratory of Structural Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry
Universidade Estadual de Maringá, PR, Brazil
On Monday, March 24, 2014 8:01 PM, Modeller Caretaker <modeller-care@salilab.org> wrote:
On 03/24/2014 02:18 PM, Yao, Jianzhuang wrote:
> I am running Modeller to build 500 homology models for a
> methyltransferase. Now I am running serial job. Do you think I can run
> parallel job? Or do you think I can submit the same script for 500 times
> and I can get the same results with serial job?

Sure, you can do it either way. If you run as a serial job though, make
sure you specify a different random seed for each run, otherwise you'll
get the same model each time.

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