I want to ask a base question,
please let me know the main deference between these two python scripts.
I suppose the deference is *this*:
the first one do the comparative modeling with the base of template for all residues,
but the second one, do the same except for residues 197 - 198.
But I see a main deference between the results (output structures)
are the applied methods of these two script are the same or not?

env = environ()
a = automodel(env, alnfile='Drd2-3SN6.ali',
              knowns='3SN6', sequence='Drd2',
              assess_methods=(assess.DOPE, assess.GA341))
a.starting_model = 1000
a.ending_model = 1000
class MyModel(automodel):
    def select_atoms(self):
return selection(self) - selection(self.residue_range('197', '198'))
env = environ()
a = MyModel(env,
            alnfile  = 'Drd2-3SN6.ali',    
            knowns   = '3SN6',            
            sequence = 'Drd2',
            assess_methods=(assess.DOPE, assess.GA341))            
a.starting_model= 1005             
a.ending_model  = 1005