Hello everybody,

I am having a problem with my model. I am new to Modeller but I googled and couldn't find an answer.
I am selecting the residues I want to form the disulphide bonds but there is a one cys that gets in a way and when I visualize the disulphides in Pymol, I can see three cysteines are bonded together. How can I prevent that?

Here are my patches:

class MyModel(automodel):
    def special_patches(self, aln):
        self.patch(residue_type='DISU', residues=(self.residues['76'], self.residues['241']))
        self.patch(residue_type='DISU', residues=(self.residues['46'], self.residues['122']))
        self.patch(residue_type='DISU', residues=(self.residues['188'], self.residues['206']))
        self.patch(residue_type='DISU', residues=(self.residues['105'], self.residues['202']))
        self.patch(residue_type='DISU', residues=(self.residues['265'], self.residues['228']))
        self.patch(residue_type='DISU', residues=(self.residues['113'], self.residues['183']))
        self.patch(residue_type='DISU', residues=(self.residues['127'], self.residues['171']))

Since Modeller only reads ATOM and HETEATOM records I dont really understand why is this happening.

Thank you for any help!