Hello Experienced Modeller users,


I am wondering if anyone has seen the following error message and has any idea what I need to do to fix the problem.

I have seen this question asked before while searching the archives.  It was asked previously in 2003 by Seth Goldenberg, but I do not see a response in the archives.  Perhaps someone replied directly to this gentleman.  I would certainly be very appreciative of any help you might provide.  Error Message Follows. 




Jeff Bush


TOP_________>   132   89 READ_TOPOLOGY   FILE = TOPLIB


openf5__224_> Open       11  OLD  SEQUENTIAL  ${MODINSTALL7v7}/modlib//top_heav.lib

openf5__224_> Open       11  UNKNOWN  SEQUENTIAL  ${MODINSTALL7v7}/modlib/models.lib

TOP_________>   133   90 READ_PARAMETERS FILE = PARLIB


openf5__224_> Open       11  OLD  SEQUENTIAL  ${MODINSTALL7v7}/modlib//par.lib


Dynamically allocated memory at       amattacns [B,kB,MB]:      6138979    5995.097     5.855

openf5__224_> Open       11  OLD  SEQUENTIAL  ${MODINSTALL7v7}/modlib//par.lib

rdparf__232_> parameters    BONDS   ANGLS  DIHEDS IMPROPS    MRFP    MODE

                              227     561     661     112       0       0

TOP_________>   134   91 CALL ROUTINE = 'create_topology'




act54___590E> No topology generated for sequence:  Lk

              Possibly because incorrect topology library is used.

recover____E> ERROR_STATUS >= STOP_ON_ERROR:        1       1