Let's suppose we are sending a protein to refine four of its loops, eight repeats (32 loops).

If I spawn eight Slaves (job().append()), a single model is sent to each slave and each slave compute the four loops.

Now suppose we are sending the same protein, to refine four of its loops just one time (4 loop). Spawning the same eight Slaves, the model is sent to just one Slave, and that slave compute all of the four loops alone (i.e. modeller is not parallelizing).

My question is: is there any difference between a) sending the eight jobs from within the modeller script or b) sending one job after another to a third queue software initializing the enviroment with

env = environ(0 - random.randrange(2, 50000)) #A different random seed each time.

or is modeller taking into account previous results?

Thanks in advance,

David Rodríguez Díaz, PhD Student
Fundación Pública Galega de Medicina Xenómica (SERGAS)
Santiago de Compostela (Spain)