Dear Modeller,

I am using modeller 9.1.

It seems that modeller 9.1 takes more time to make one model which takes about 2 minutes additionally compared to modeller 8.2.

I have 2 CPU in one main board. Threrfore, I think that my computer can tolerate two running script without the loss of computing speed.

So if I want to make two models and run modeller with two running scripts like,

"starting_model = 1
ending_model = 1"


"starting_model = 2
endin_model = 2" 

then, does modeller take half time and result the same models compared to time and result from the running script of

"starting_model = 1
ending_model = 2"

Any comment will be much appreciated.

Thank you

Joo-Hyun Seo

PhD Student

Molecular Biotechnology & Biomaterials Lab.,

School of Chemical and Biological Engineering,

Seoul National University


Tel)+82 2 880 7528
Fax)+82 2 874 1206

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