SGEQsubJob() — create a job which can be expanded with Sun GridEngine 'qsub'

SGEQsubJob(options, maxworker, seq=(), modeller_path=None, host=None)
This functions identically to Job(), above, but it automatically grows by adding new SGEQsubWorker workers (up to a maximum of maxworker) if you submit more tasks to the job than there are available workers. (These are grouped into a single SGE array job.) options specifies options for the new SGEQsubWorker objects. New workers are not automatically added when using the message-passing interface; you should manually add new SGEQsubWorker objects in this case.

This class should be used to create a job from a MODELLER script running on your SGE batch system head node (or other node which can run 'qsub' and has a shared filesystem with the worker nodes).