Job.start() — start all workers for message-passing

This starts all non-running workers in the job, such that they can later be used for message passing. (There is no need to call this command if using the task interface, as the workers are automatically started when required.)
Example: examples/python/

from modeller import *
from modeller.parallel import Job, LocalWorker

# Create an empty parallel job, and then add a single worker process running
# on the local machine
j = Job()

# Start all worker processes (note: this will only work if 'modxxx' - where
# xxx is the Modeller version - is in the PATH; if not, use modeller_path
# to specify an alternate location)

# Have each worker read in a PDB file (provided by us, the master) and
# return the PDB resolution back to us
for worker in j:
env = Environ() = ["../atom_files"]
code = master.get_data()
mdl = Model(env, file=code)
    data = worker.get_data()
    print("%s returned model resolution: %f" % (str(worker), data))