Links to other resources and people using Modeller

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Graphical and web interfaces

  • MINT, a graphical interface to simple Modeller comparative modeling functions
  • Chimera has a Modeller interface in version 1.5 or later. A video tutorial is also available.
  • PyMod, a simple graphical interface between PyMOL and other tools like BLAST, ClustalW, Muscle, CEalign and MODELLER (Workflow Example Video).
  • Structuropedia, a simple yet powerful and versatile web interface with capabilities for modeling and rendering of proteins alone and in complex with peptides and DNA. Powered by a wide array of engines including Biopython, Blast, Clustal, JSmol, Modeller, Refsense and VMD.

Usage of Modeller in other systems

  • M4T, Multiple Mapping Method with Multiple Templates: Comparative protein structure modeling by combining of multiple templates and optimizing sequence-to-structure alignments
  • MMM, Multiple Mapping Method: a novel approach to the sequence-to-structure alignment problem in comparative protein structure modeling
  • ArchPred, template based loop structure prediction server that delivers a full comparative model with the predicted loop using Modeller
  • Flex-EM, a method for protein structure fitting and refinement guided by cryoEM density.

Frameworks and other interfaces

  • Biskit, a modular, object-oriented Python library for structural bioinformatics research.
  • homelette, a unified and modular interface to homology modelling software.