Several nodes in the cluster allow you to log on from chef or sous using ssh:

These nodes have a few extra packages installed (see Opteron_node_config and x86_node_config) to allow you to compile C++ and F77/F90 code. They can also be used for quick (less than 10 minutes) testing of your code. You can't log in to any other node directly.

/!\ These nodes are otherwise normal cluster nodes, and so run normal cluster jobs. Please do not abuse the interactive nodes to run 'urgent' jobs - use them for compiling and testing code only. Those found misusing the system will have their interactive privileges withdrawn.

To enable interactive access, please contact Joshua. You will then be able to log in to either node using your chef username and password.

The following compilers are available:

To compile optimized 64-bit code that is compatible with all Intel and AMD 64-bit processors (i.e. only MMX, SSE, and SSE2 instructions), use the following GCC flags:

-m64 -mmmx -msse -msse2

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