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Re: [modeller_usage] Help

I am trying to install modeller9v3 on Scientific
Linux(2.6-18- It doesn't have any glibc, only glib=2.0
but I think that it has to be installed glib=2.2. And a last
question, the scripts must be written in Python and they also have to
be finished with .py?

Scientific Linux 5 is very similar to RedHat Enterprise 5, which most definitely has glibc (try running 'rpm -q glibc' from a command line to see the version - RedHat Enterprise 5 ships with glibc 2.5, which is certainly recent enough to work with Modeller). Try also 'rpm -q glib2' to see what version of glib you have installed. Again, RedHat ships with glib 2.12, which is certainly new enough, and it is needed by so many other packages in RedHat Linux that I'd be very surprised if you didn't have it installed already in Scientific Linux.

My suggestion is that you just install the Modeller RPM and use it - it should work. (A tip though: make sure you pick the right architecture for your machine - i386 or x86_64 - which you can determine by running 'uname -m' from a command line.) If it doesn't work, post back with the error messages you run into.

Modeller scripts are Python scripts, but there are plenty of examples in the manual and the online tutorial to get you started, so you don't have to be a Python expert. The script names don't have to end in .py, but that helps to remind you what they are!

	Ben Webb, Modeller Caretaker
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