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[modeller_usage] Installation on Debian Linux

As a Debian Linux user I found difficult to abandon the Debian
packaging system. Therefore, to Install Modeller 9v4-1 I first
converted the rpm to deb with alien (flags -k --scripts. Then I
installed the deb package with dpkg (flag -i). The command reports
that the package is installed but requires a password, indicating
which configuration file to edit to set the password.

That way, you avoid possible blurring of the OS by going through an
rpm; deb positions every file at the expected place; you have the
modeller command on path; you have full command of packaging in case
of installations of new version.

If not already posted by other members, it might be useful, though I
understand that Debian (curiously) is not popular in USA.


Dr Francesco Pietra
Professor of Chemistry
Accademia Lucchese di Scienze, Lettere e Arti, founded in 1594
Palazzo Ducale
55100 Lucca (Italy)