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[modeller_usage] radii.lib

Dear Modellers,

I am trying to model a non-standard residue, with non-standard lib files, by following the examples in the wiki 
page "Using non-standard parameter files". This works fine for toplib and parlib. However, I also need to read my 
extended versions of radii.lib and radii14.lib.

Here is the relevant part of my script:
env = environ(restyp_lib_file='/Users/jrui/modeller/LIBS/restyp.lib')
class MyModel(automodel):
a = MyModel(env, ....)
a.toplib = '/Users/jrui/modeller/LIBS/top_heav.lib'
a.parlib = '/Users/jrui/modeller/LIBS/par.lib'

I tried the obvious
a.radlib = '/Users/jrui/modeller/LIBS/radii.lib'
but I get:
runcmd_____W>: creation of new member 'radlib' in <Model containing 0 chains, 0 residues, and 0 atoms>: 
possible typo!

I searched for toplib and parlib in the manual but could not anything about these keywords. How can I tell 
modeller to read my radii files?

Many thanks,
Rui Rodrigues

Webmail ESTG de Leiria (http://webmail.estg.ipleiria.pt)