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[modeller_usage] Modeller 9v7 release

The new version of Modeller, 9v7, is now available for download! Please
see the download page at http://salilab.org/modeller/ for more information.

If you have a license key for Modeller 8 or 9, there is no need to
reregister for Modeller 9v7 - the same license key will work. (It won't
do any harm to reregister if you want to, though!)

9v7 is primarily a bugfix release relative to the last public release
(9v6). Major user-visible changes include:

# A new method alignment.get_suboptimals() allows the suboptimal
  alignment file generated by alignment.salign() to be easily parsed.

# A new method iterative_structural_align() provides a straightforward
  way to obtain the best SALIGN structure-structure alignment.

# alignment.append() and alignment.read_one() now take a new argument,
  allow_alternates, which allow for alternate matches of one-letter
  codes when reading PIR sequence ranges from PDB files (B to N,
  Z to Q).

# Parallel jobs have a new method, job.yield_tasks_unordered(), which is
  like job.run_all_tasks() but which returns results as they are
  generated rather than when all the tasks have finished.

# Parallel jobs now default to trying to duplicate the current Python
  environment (using modslave.py and modpy.sh if necessary) when setting
  modeller_path, rather than running the mod9v7 script, since the latter
  may conflict with the Python version of the master.

See the Modeller manual for a full change log:

If you encounter bugs in Modeller 9v7, please see
http://salilab.org/modeller/9v7/manual/node10.html for information on
how to report them.

Note: you are receiving this email either because you subscribed to the
modeller_usage mailing list, or you provided this address when you
requested a Modeller license and ticked the "notify me of new releases"
box. In the latter case, if you no longer wish to receive announcements
of new Modeller releases, simply reply to this email and let us know.

	Ben Webb, Modeller Caretaker
Modeller mail list: http://salilab.org/mailman/listinfo/modeller_usage