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[modeller_usage] Modelling Query

Dear Bin,
I am a new Modeller user, i am having some problems running Modeller, while i run the script using command "mod9v7 model.py" it doesnt run completely and generates errors, but when i run the script using command "Python model.py" it runs completely and generate all the pdb files of models but not the log file for it even though i have included the function "log.verbose()" in the script, and the same is the case for model evaluation script and energies calculation script.....
i dont know where i am making the mistake???
my other question is about the model evaluation, that do i have to run the evaluation script for each model individually and the compare the final dope scores or the scripts takes all the models at once and give me the final good model??? please help me understanding the scripts and the generated files to have good view of a good model.
Thanking in advance.
Muhammad Noon