Ok, thanks. 

Em qua, 1 de abr de 2020 16:48, Modeller Caretaker <modeller-care@salilab.org> escreveu:
On 4/1/20 10:50 AM, Joao Sartori wrote:
> Hello, i'am struggling for days, i am new with modeller, i'm a grad
> student in biotechnology area and i'm trying to learn how to use modeller.
> I'm trying for days to model this sequence but i keep getting this error
> "modeller.ModellerError: read_te_290E> Number of residues in the
> alignment and  pdb files are different:     3525     4026 For alignment
> entry:        1  6nzk"

I'm not sure what you're trying to do here but the alignment file
sequence has to match that in the PDB file. You clearly have 3525
residues in the alignment file but you are asking Modeller to read
residue 15:A through 1234:A (which does match the A chain range for 6nzk
at PDB). Obviously 15-1234 isn't 3525 residues (not sure how you got
4026 unless you edited the PDB file - 6nzk from PDB has 1175 residues).

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