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MODELLER is available free of charge to academic non-profit institutions; you will, however, need to register for a license in order to use the software. It is also available through Accelrys for government research labs and commercial entities.

Modeller 9.14, released July 29th, 2014

Windows (32-bit) [GPG signature] Installation guide
Windows (64-bit) [GPG signature] Installation guide
Mac (32-bit or 64-bit Intel) [GPG signature] Installation guide
Linux (32-bit RPM) Installation guide
Linux (64-bit x86_64 RPM) Installation guide
Linux (32-bit Debian/Ubuntu package) [GPG signature] Installation guide
Linux (64-bit x86_64 Debian/Ubuntu package) [GPG signature] Installation guide
Generic Unix tarball [GPG signature] Installation guide

GPG signatures are provided for the security conscious, so that you can verify that the files have not been tampered with. (No signatures are given for the RPM packages, because the signatures are already included in those packages.) In order to verify them, you will need this GPG key and a copy of GNU Privacy Guard (GPG).

Supplemental data file downloads

Old (and unsupported) Modeller releases