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objetive function in Modeller and z score in Prosa

Hi Modellers,

I have a question regarding the objective function in the output
file(.B99....) of MODELLER.

I've been evaluating the models that run by MODELLER. I selected three
best models from my running results based on their objective function( the
lower the better). Each objective function of them is like following:
A: 6103.3325, 
B: 6090.5195,
C: 6077.6436.

Then I used ProsaII to calulate the z- scores after I did CHARRM energy
minimization. The zp-comb of them are 
A: -5.69,
B: -3.82,
C: -5.87.

>From Modeller I can see B and C might have better models than A does. But
from ProsaII, I can exclude B. Does this kind of thing happen before? I'd
like to know if I should include as many as models I have to run Prosa, in
case the models with higher objective functions have lower z-scores.  
Thank you very much.