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New MODELLER 6v2 in a few weeks

Hi everybody,

Since lately there have been some reports on suspicious MODELLER 6v0/6v1
behavior and potential bugs from several people (Peng, Ramakrishna, Rute
Fonseca, Claudio M. Soares, Thorsten Schweikardt, Reuter Nathalie, etc)
I would like to let you know that we are working on these and some other
issues and that we will have MODELLER 6v2 release in a few weeks that
will address all these problems. 

In addition to that we will have MODELLER for Windows and IBM (either as
a part of 6v2 or as a separate release on a later date).

I know that some of you are eagerly awaiting this, but I implore you to
be patient for a little bit more, so that we have good and stable
version of MODELLER.

Also I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of the people who
have reported errors, problem and bugs with MODELLER. It's because of
you that MODELLER gets better every day.