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pdb format

Hello Modellers,

I've been trying to run my first modelling, but cannot get any model so
far. Instead, the log file tells me:

Read the alignment from file : hpabc.ali
Total number of alignment positions:  144
  # Code #_Res #_Segm PDB_code Name
  1 1G9L 144 1 1G9L PABC
  2 wPABC 72 1 wPABC PABC

TOP_________> 121 107 CHECK_ALIGNMENT

check_a_343_> >> BEGINNING OF COMMAND
openf5__224_> Open 11 OLD SEQUENTIAL ./1G9L.atm
rdpdb___303E> No atoms were read from the specified input PDB file:
                1) Possibly because an incorrect/non-existent PDB file is
                2) Possibly because the segment is specified incorrectly
in the alignment file or by the TOP variable MODEL_SEGMENT.
That is, the beginning residue number and/or chain id in
MODEL_SEGMENT may not be found in the input PDB file; MODEL_SEGMENT:1 :
              To find out more, switch on maximal output by 'SET
OUTPUT_CONTROL = 1 1 1 1 2'
rdabrk__288W> Protein not accepted:  1
rdabrk__290E> Number of residues in the alignment and pdb files are
different:  144 0
              For alignment entry:  1 recover

My alignment file is:

structureN:1G9L:1 : :144 : :PABC:homo sapiens: :
sequence:wPABC:1 : :144 : :PABC:wheat: :

Which I trust is the right way to do it.
The top file has nothing that deviates from the example file. My pdb
file was just renamed from 1G9L.pdb to 1G9L.atm, its content was not
edited or changed, and it was located in the right directory.

So what am I missing there?

Any suggestion welcomed!