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E> Array too small. Increase MPAIRS, 6v2 executable update July 4th 2002.

Hi all,

Several of you reported the problem of MODELLER crashing with the following 
error: E> Array too small. Increase  MPAIRS.

It seems that all of those problems were due to the scaling factor in 
natm2mpairs function in MODELLER code. I have changed the value and tested it 
with those problematic top files. I hope that others will find it stable too.

What you need to do if you had this problem: reinstall 6v2, that's the only 
solution, since the problem was in the source code. Sorry ;-(

For advanced users: you only need to replace the "sick' executable with the 
"repaired" one from our web site, and put it in your 
{MODINSTALL6v2}/bin/modeller6v2/bin directory.

If some of you still experience this problem please let me know.

New executables will be available sometime later today.

Happy modeling,