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Re: How much time?

I can't claim to have tested this exaustively, but on my computer both
Windows and Linux versions run at a comparable speed if two conditions are
met: (1) lots of available memory, which under Windows means either 256Mb+
or nothing else running; (2) Windows version runs "normal" only when its
window is in the foreground, otherwise it is much slower.

Hope this helps. Cheers,


On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Shamshad Zarina wrote:

|>Dear All,
|>I have a strange question. How fast is Win-modeller as
|>compared to linux version? Ofcourse that would depend
|>on individual system as well, but I have a feeling
|>that Windows version is slower than linux. I tried to
|>model a protein having 480 amino acids and even after
|>three hours, Win-modeller6 was still running. Is is
|>normal or there is something wrong?
|>thanks in advance,

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