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error 648 with modeller

I have a problem with Modeller program to make mutagenesis project by using triton.
I always obtain the error message in the run_output file:
Kind, OS, HostName, Kernel, Processor: 4, Linux pcb311 2.4.19-16mdk i686
Date and time of compilation         : 07/16/2002 11:42:16
Job starting time (YY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS): 2002/12/17 11:07:34.945
getprog_531; ROUTINE redefined:  loop
getprog_531; ROUTINE redefined:  loop_restraints
getprog_531; ROUTINE redefined:  optimize
getprog_531; ROUTINE redefined:  getnames-loop
getprog_531; ROUTINE redefined:  build_ini_loop
getprog_531; ROUTINE redefined:  select_loop_atoms
rdpir___648E; Alignment sequence not found in PDB file:        1  .    2dhc.pdb
recover____E; ERROR_STATUS = STOP_ON_ERROR:        1       1
Dynamically allocated memory at          finish [B,kB,MB]:     12188765   11903.090    11.624
Starting time                                            : 2002/12/17  11:07:34.945
Closing time                                             : 2002/12/17  11:07:39.685
Total CPU time [seconds]                                 :       3.96
can you explain how to resolve these error?
thanks a lot!
Bauvois cedric