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Re: [modeller_usage] Help

I am a new user of modeller and specifically modeller9v3. I am a student of
Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Greece and I need this program for my diploma
thesis. I read in the page of modeller that I must install python and I have to
write my scripts in this language. On top of that, I must install glib>=2.2 and
glibc>=2.3 but I have some problems in their installation. If I do not install
them, the modeller9v3 will not work? (I am sorry for my errors in English).

You don't need to install Python, since Modeller includes its own Python interpreter.

You also don't need to install glibc, because that is the system C library, which every Linux system will have. It just needs to be 2.3 or later, which is also likely to be the case unless your system is very very old.

You do need glib though. But on almost all Linux systems this is either already installed, or there is a simple package for it. What kind of system are you trying to install Modeller on?

	Ben Webb, Modeller Caretaker
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