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[modeller_usage] Searching the PDB for sequence with structure

Hi Modelleros,

I am in the process of modeling ~100 similar structures. I have a bunch of templates that cover most of the sequence of the targets. However, there are some gaps. Most gaps are loop regions or contain loops, sometimes comprising ~30 aas, so ab initio modeling is not an option. So I go to the PDB and BLAST with my missing sequence as a query. I get a great number of hits but for most of the PDBs, the large parts of the sequence have no _structure_. Downloading each of those PDBs and looking at them is not an option since its hundreds. I am looking for a tool to BLAST (or otherwise search) the sequences in the PDB that have _structure_. The people at the PDB told me there is no such option and they are not aware of such an resource. I figure I am not the first person to encounter such a difficulty. How would you handle this? Is there such a resource?

Thanks and best regards,