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[modeller_usage] Modeller 9v5 release

The new version of Modeller, 9v5, is now available for download! Please
see the download page at http://salilab.org/modeller/ for more information.

If you have a license key for Modeller 8 or 9, there is no need to
reregister for Modeller 9v5 - the same license key will work. (It won't
do any harm to reregister if you want to, though!)

9v5 is primarily a bugfix release relative to the last public release
(9v4). Major user-visible changes include:

# New normalized DOPE assessment method, which returns a Z-score, and is
  thus comparable between different proteins.
# PDB atom files are now also looked for in PDB-style subdirectories
  (the first two characters after the digit); e.g. 1abc is searched for
  in the 'ab' subdirectory, pdb4xyz.ent in the 'xy' subdirectory.
# Libraries updated to correctly read and write remediated RNA and DNA,
  some other HETATMs (e.g. ions) and to use the new hydrogen names, in
  PDB v3.
# Modeller now outputs new-style PDBs, with the element in columns 77
  and 78, rather than older-style PDB which has a sequence number in
  this position.

See the Modeller manual for a full change log:

If you encounter bugs in Modeller 9v5, please see
http://salilab.org/modeller/9v5/manual/node10.html for information on
how to report them.

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to receive announcements of new Modeller releases, simply reply to this
email and let us know.

	Ben Webb, Modeller Caretaker
Modeller mail list: http://salilab.org/mailman/listinfo/modeller_usage