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Re: [modeller_usage] problems with modem

Jochen Ismer wrote:
Problem Number two is the Voxelsize. My [EM] map has Voxelsize 1.83 but the rusulting maps allways has Voxelsize 1

What is actually happening is that while MRC maps written out by Modeller have the same map size (nx,ny,nz in the header) as the original input file, the cell size (xlen,ylen,zlen in the header) is always written out as zero. Thus any other program that reads a Modeller MRC map and tries to determine the voxel size by calculating xlen/nx will get zero. Since this is obviously nonsensical, I'm assuming that whatever program you're using defaults to a voxel size of 1.0 in this case.

I have fixed this bug in Modeller so that the correct cell size (and thus voxel size) is written in output MRC files. This fix will be in the next release, 9v6.

	Ben Webb, Modeller Caretaker
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