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[modeller_usage] Rosetta Academic Training Webinar

The Rosetta Design Group is proud to present the first webinar in the Rosetta Academic Workshop Series. For the first webinar, we have selected to focus on Protein-Protein Docking based on the answers to the interest poll. We hope this will be the first in a line of helpful and inspiring webinars to kick-off our Rosetta Academic Workshop Series. 

What: Protein-Protein Docking

When: May 4th 2009, 0800-1000 AM EST

Where: Your office!

Click here for more details and registration

(For non html emails: http://rosettadesigngroup.com/RDGLS/index.php?sid=54479&lang=en ) 

Pleas note: This is not a promotional webinar. Rosetta is open-source and freeware for academic and non-profit organizations and can be downloaded here from University of Washington's TechTransfer Digital Ventures. The majority of the webinar is concerned with Rosetta 2.3.0. Rosetta 3.0 is still a beta version.

Hope to see you there, 

Nir London. 

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