• Python 3.9 support: Python 3.9 was released after Modeller 9.25, but it is largely compatible with Python 3.8, so it can be made to work with Modeller without much effort:
    • 64-bit Windows: download w64_py39_modeller.pyd, go to the directory you installed Modeller in (C:\Program Files\Modeller9.25 by default), go into the lib\x86_64-w64 subdirectory, make a new subdirectory called python3.9, and put the file in there and call it _modeller.pyd. Open Registry Editor, make a new key called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\3.9\PythonPath\Modeller9.25 and make it identical to the existing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\3.8\PythonPath\Modeller9.25 key.
    • 32-bit Windows: as for 64-bit Windows, but download w32_py39_modeller.pyd instead and put it in the lib\i386-w32\python3.9 subdirectory. The registry key should be called 3.9-32 rather than 3.9.
    • Unix tarball: follow the installation instructions for Python 3.8 - they are identical for Python 3.9.

The patches below can be applied to Modeller 9.25 to fix some minor problems. (Use the Unix patch command, or apply them by hand.)

💡 The patches are listed in chronological order (oldest first), so you should apply them in this order to avoid problems.

There are currently no patches for 9.25