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TRANFER_XYZ (cluster_cut>0)


Thank you for your answer about the modelling loops ( date: 14/02)
Now,  I have a problem with the different commands.

I have the main template I want to use to build the model and several
small templates I only want to use to model the loops.
My alignment looks like:

Main template:
Loop's templates:------___-Ala-Asn-Trp-Tyr-___-Phe-------------------
Loop's templates:---------------------------- Phe-Gly-Asn-Phe-Leu
Loop's templates::-------------Asn-Trp-Phe-___-Phe-Gly-Asn

and I want to run the following commands:


My problems are:

1º) As I have understood, the command MALIGN3D doesn't work because
there aren`t equivalent positions during the framework construction
betweeen the first template and the rest. Am I wrong?
So I  try to solve this by superposing the loop's templates with the
main template with the  command SUPERPOSE.

2º) After, when I run TRANFER XYZ (  CLUSTER_CUT >0), it appears in the
.log :

            transfe_505_> MODEL is an average of the largest
cluster:        1.0000
            transfe_336E> No template structures.
            recover____E> ERROR_STATUS >= STOP_ON_ERROR:        1

I don't know what's my error.  Do I need more templates to make a
cluster? Must the loop's templates be similar to the first template in
order to have the same topology?
Don't they overlap properly?

Is TRANFER XYZ (  CLUSTER_CUT =-1.0) the only possibility I have?
(because it works)

Thanks in advance