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Re: Using NAD

Hello Mengmeng

Yes, you need to make a one letter code definition. Although it is
parametrized, all the one letter codes are used for other residue types.
If you want to use NAD, assign a one letter code to it (probably taken
from some other residue) and comment out the other one for the time
being (#).

bessiew wrote:
> Dear Modeller,
> I'm using Modeller6v1 now. I'm so happy that in the library there is NAD and
> NADH so that I could get the homology with NAD or NADH in it not as heteratom.
> But I'm having problem in including NAD. In the file restyp.lib, the symbol
> for NAD or NADH is #. What symbol should I use to represent NAD or NADH in the
> alignment file, Using # or I should make some definition for them?
> Any kind help is highly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Mengmeng Wang