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Re: starting modeller: what's wrong?

I had a similar problem running on a linux box.  

>1. When I try 'mod model-default'I get 'bash: mod: command not found'
I have the same error.  Try just 'mod6v1 topfile'.

>2. When I try '/usr/local/bin/modeller6v1/bin/mod6v1 model-default'I get
This worked check your log file 'model-default.log'
I have been running it by 'mod6v1 topfile' and it seems to work fine.

>3. When I try '/usr/local/bin/modeller6v1/bin/mod6v1_i386-absoft

Make sure 'model-defualt' is in the local directory that your running it from.

I hope this helped.

Michael Buck

Michael Buck
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