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Re: Modeller problem

Title: Re: Modeller problem


Unfortunately all questions regarding TRITON you will have to address to the author of the program, since we do not
provide such support.

For more information regarding MODELLER 6v1, please visit our web site at

Thank you,

On 8/3/02 4:18 AM, "Gary J Hunter" <> wrote:

Hi, I'm using triton 2.0beta with modeller 6a on an sgi Octane running irix 6.5.6. I installed according to the instructions but get an error when trying to run modeller. I've tried installing as root to a global system and as a user installing to a personal system but I get the same error. I've tried the example mutagenesis (and some of my own) and always get the following in the OUTPUT STRUCTURE window: calculation finished with error My modeller key is... (op.a.). Can you suggest what is wrong or how to proceed to get it working? Thanks Gary --
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