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MODELLER web page problem with debbuger turned on in MS Internet Explorer


There have been some problems with Java script that controls that table
and it is fixed now. Please try again. In case you still can not get
there please go directly to the download page at:


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From: sompallae Ramakrishna Rao [">mailto:] 
Sent: Saturday, March 02, 2002 1:11 AM
To: Bozidar Jerkovic
Subject: Re: reg: trouble shooting modeller Installation

 Dear Sir,

Thankyou very much for your reply. well the problem i
am facing with modeller6v is.
I dont have my linux operating system configured with
net so i have to download the things on my windows
operating system and write it on to a CD and copy it
onto Linux.
when i visit modeller home page on the left side there
is a table rather a list, where in one cell has
hyperlink for Download and installation if i move the
cursor over any of those cells it throughs an error
popup messagebox, saying their is a "Runtime error
occured" do you wish to debug?
Line :215/208 etc
error : object expected

i am unable to proceed further and download.
modeller4 i have downloaded earlier (april 2001), and
iam using it now.
what should i do to proceed further, ishall be
greatful to u for all ur help.
thank you very much.

with regards

 --- Bozidar Jerkovic <>
wrote: > 
> Hi,
> Please download MODELLER 6v1. We don't support
> anymore MODELLER 4. It is not
> clear from your email what kind of problem are you
> having downloading
> Thanks,
> Bozidar

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