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Re: modeler


/home/mansoor/soft/bin/modeller6v1/bin/ is not in your path.

What shell are you using?
Type source ~/.cshrc after installation is complete, if you are using csh or
tcsh and then try again.
Type 'which mod6v1'

If all fails tell me in detail how you installed MODELLER, and send me a
copy of your .cshrc.

In future please post your questions through modeller_usage if you can, so
that everybody benefits from them.


On 22/3/02 8:36 AM, "msaqi" <> wrote:

> Hi
> Thnaks for your email re. superpose etc.
> I have moved modeller to another machine and am having some installation
> problems - perhasp you can help? I run RedHat linux 7.
> After installation, typing which mod6v1 gives
> ~/soft/bin/modeller6v1/bin/mod6v1. OK so far!
> but when I try to run a script I get a message like:
> /home/mansoor/soft/bin/modeller6v1/bin/mod6v1: mod6v1_: command not found
> If I do the command "/home/mansoor/soft/bin/modeller6v1/bin/mod6v1" on its
> own then I get
> "usage: mod script[.top]"
> which seems to suggest that it *can* find the executable.
> But why does it not like the run_tops1 example script?
> Any ideas what is wrong?
> best wishes
> Mansoor