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SUPPORT Re: SKipping models

Hello Gordon,

Loop modeling can be run automatically as a command from a default model
routine (SET DO_LOOPS=1), but also as a stand alone version.

you can find the routine in $MODINSTALL6v1/bin/__loop.top

There are comments inside of this top file. This is a standalone verion,
takes a coordinate file as and input and you need to specify the loop
region(s) by starting and ending residues. There is no alignmnet info
required, because the loop module using an ab initio approach for


Gordon Wells wrote:
> Hi
> Is there any way to make modeller "skip" to the nth model ( in my case #5).
> I want to do this in order to perform loop modelling on this model only.
> Alternatively, could I load a previously generated model and run loop
> modelling, using an alignment to specify the loop regions.

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