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Dear modeller users,

  I am having a doubt and i want to get idea from your people.
The problem is:

 We have a protein which has a domain called DED domain and this domain
interacts with other proteins that has DED domain by means of hydrophobic

we have a organic molecule (a polyphenolic compound) and i want to know
the hydrophobic interactions of this organic compound with the protein
that has DED domain (mainly with the DED domain of the protein).

Kindly can anydoby suggest me how i can proceed to address this problem.
Expecting for your reply.

Senthil kumar.R  
     R.Senthil Kumar,
     Junior Research Fellow(JRF),
     c/o Dr.Akash Ranjan,
     Computational & Functional Genomics Group,
     Centre For DNA Fingerprinting & Diagnostics (CDFD),
     Hyderabad-500 076.