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problem in modeller

Dear modeller,
iam facing strange problem. the modeller4 installed on my system linux 7.2 is not running correctly. the error message with mod command is /usr/local/bin/modeller4/bin/mod_i386-linux  file not found, but with /usr/local/bin/modeller4/bin/mod_i386-linux this line or command it told that command not found. Infact before the crash of my system modeller4 was running smoothly on linux 7.2. After reinstallation of everything, it is not running. The surprising thing is, this modeller starts to run smoothlly on my friend's computer when I run it from my hard drive but with his linux 6.0. That means the files are complete there is some problem in my operating system.
the env variabes are looking correct. To be in safe side I have copied the directory of modeller4 from his computer to my hard drive. both modeller were copied that is /usr/local/bin/modeller4 and the main modeller. Even then it is not running, what is the cause of the problem please suggest.

Iqbal Azimuddin.
Research Fellow,
Protein Chemistry Group,
H.E.J. Research Institute,
University of Karachi,

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