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Re: Modelling post trans mods

Hello John,

You can include  covalently modified residues in your sequence prior to
the model building: i.e. you need to edit your seq alignment.

For the current list of residue types (about 30 "active" and 140
defined) please consult the 
$MODINSTALL6v2/modlib/retyp.lib file.

More details about it and about defining new residues:

questions: 17, 18 

best wishes,

J Simms wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have just started modelling a G Protein-Coupled Receptor,
> which has a number of post translational modifications. My
> problem is that my template, Rhodopsin, is glycosylated on the
> extracellular loops at a different position to my target sequence.
> Is there a way of adding the glycosylation to my target protein
> either at the alignment stage or before the model in refined.
> As always many thanks in advance.
> John.

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