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what is wrong?

Hi !
i have a some problems  with this result : in log file
Kind, OS, HostName, Kernel, Processor: 4, IRIX bioinfo-2 6.5 IP32
Date and time of compilation         : 04/26/2002 20:34:09
Job starting time (YY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS): 2002/06/24  19:53:32.102
fullfn__230E> File not found:  `TVLDH.ALI`
              Extensions :  :.chn
              Prefixes   : nothing, pdb
recover____E> ERROR_STATUS >= STOP_ON_ERROR:        1       1
Dynamically allocated memory at          finish [B,kB,MB]:      2200483    2148.
909     2.099
Starting time                                            : 2002/06/24  19:53:32.
Closing time                                             : 2002/06/24  19:53:40.
Total CPU time [seconds]                                 :       0.00  
some question:
1) i write non-capital , and when i run , the program see that is capital why?
2)why i receveid file not found? i put in same directory?
3)why items Directory are empty?
4)how i really need to give the name of file in top sricpt
ps: i run the tutorial example , and wotk, when i write my examples didn't wotk i dont know why ;-(
best regads,
yoram devary