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I have two questions and will be thankfull if any of you knows how to
solve the following questions.


When modeller runs on a moltiple alignment it sometimes does not generate
a model and gives the error :
Increase MAXSPL to at least      630
ERROR_STATUS >= STOP_ON_ERROR:        1       1

If i understand correctly this error occurs because the models that are
imposed by the given alignments are not superimposable. This probably
happens because of some fragment/s in one or more of the alignmnets. I
prefer not to model that part at all than to increase the value of MAXPL.

Is there any way i can deduce from the log file which a.a's i sould delete
so that this error will not occur ?    

I sometimes get the error 
What causes the standart deviation to be smaller than zero ?
How can i correct such an error? that is , how can i know what parts of
the alignmnet i sould remove , or anything else ? 

Thanks alot!