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scoring models against X-ray data


I am looking for a simple method to score a model from Modeller directly 
against raw experimental cristallography data. The idea is to use models from 
Modeller for molecular replacement in borderline situations - that is in 
situations where the standard cristallographers molecular replacement tools 
fail. Thus, the method should be automatic and not require hand-tuning, so 
that I can generate lots of different models (e.g. based on different loop 
refinement parameters) until I find one that does the trick. Do you know 
about someone who already tried this.

Thank you very much,

kind regards, Karsten.

Karsten Suhre                  
Information Genetique & Structurale       
UMR CNRS 1889              
31, chemin Joseph Aiguier            
F-13402 Marseille Cedex 20