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Installation problems Windows XP

Dear Modellers & Bozidar & team
                     (Sending against think it got lost)
                      Thanks for sending the key for the program .
As a computer illiterate I find it hard to understand how to install modeller under Windows XP (1.7GHz Athlon processor, 1.5mB RAM) using the instructions given on the Web site.

After unpacking the zip file to  C:\ Modeller6v2
Then I setenv "KEY_MODELLER6v2" to  "E-mailed value"
          setenv MODINSTALL6v2  C:\modeller6v2   Why ?
setenv LIBS_LIB6v2 $MODINSTALL6v2/models.lib (I guessed it might be this one ??) set path=($path $MODINSTALL6v2) OK -left out the non-existent "bin" directory ?? set limit stacksize unlimited Not accepted by program -not done I could not then run the program with the command "Install" or "modeller6v2.exe" Or "make install"

Could anyone please help me . It would be great to be able to use this program. Thanks!
                                          Simon Gough