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Re: Problem in MODELLER6v2 installation

Mea culpa. I should have made it more clear on the web page that those
instructions do not apply to Win exec. There is a readme file in the root
dir, after you unzip MOD for Win.

Also please see my response from yesterday in the modeller_usage archives.

Good luck,

> Dear Dr. Bozidar Yerkovich
> Firstly, Thank you very much for KEY_MODELLER6v2
> I have some problem in program installation.  I used Window XP.
> After I followed the installation instruction on the web page and readme, I
> still can not run the programme.
> Could you please suggest more in detail.
> Thanks in advanced
> Best regards
> Theeraphon Piacham

Bozidar Yerkovich, PhD
Rockefeller University
New York, NY, 10021, USA